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Data backup for professionals and for those who need professional quality
ES-Backup is an easy-to-use and powerful data backup and archiving to tape solution for Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux computers.

Independent by using OpenSource and open standards
As result of consequent use of available open standards on the supported operating systems and integration of OpenSource projects, ES-Backup reaches an optimal compatibility. At the same time this technique saves your investment in ES-Backup since it allows to access your backed up data even after decades – independent from ES-Backup. The data backup format used by ES-Backup as well as corresponding source codes are based on OpenSource and are maintained in SourceForge projects and by UGSoft.

Saving costs with network backups
In addition to backup to locally attached tape and tape changer devices and harddisks, the centralized ES-Backup Server may be accessed from an unlimited number of network clients. Thus all backup devices connected to the ES-Backup Server can be shared without any additional costs.

Individuality by customization
For different feature requirements we offer three ES-Backup products:
+ ES-Backup Workgroup for small to medium sized networks with one or more servers
+ ES-Backup Workstation for single computers or small networks with one server
+ ES-Backup For-Free if budget is low but data backup should not be missed

Flexibility by free choice
All ES-Backup products are available for Apple Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, and for major Linux distributions, optionally with HELIOS Server installations, and can be used in cross-plattform environments. In addition to ES-Backup's graphical user interface commandline tools are available which allow in an emergency to access backed up data without an ES-Backup license and are distributed by UGSoft as OpenSource.



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